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How to Choose the Right Motherboard for Building Gaming PC

The first thing you need for a cutting edge gaming PC is a good motherboard to bear the extreme conditions of your endless gaming sessions, such as overclocking. A motherboard is the very foundation of all the components in your CPU and runs everything. It is the central hub for your machine which will hold all the components well inside the CPU. You could say PC has a strong build only if it has a sturdy motherboard. The quality,durability, and reliability are some of the important factors necessary in selecting a motherboard. Here are the things you can consider while purchasing a new motherboard for your gaming PC.

Check the sockets
Your motherboard should be compatible with the latest components. The socket of your motherboard should be right for your CPU. You need to make sure that you do not use AMD’s socket for Intel CPU and vice-versa.
RAM compatibility
The size of the RAM has changed through the years, and it has become more and more compact. A DDR4 RAM will require a motherboard that supports DDR4 RAM. You can make a mistake while purchasing a different size RAM for a different compatibility motherboard. Check if the motherboard has enough slots for RAM to be added later. Smaller motherboards will have 2-4 slots while the more expensive ones will have 8 or more slots. You will need atleast 16 GB RAM today to run the games.
Motherboard Size
ATX, micro ATX and mini-ITX are the most common types of motherboards. ATX is the biggest motherboard with more slots for RAM and expansion, which makes it the most expensive one among all. If are not planning to have a PC for a long time and will be replacing it soon, you do not need ATX. Go for more compatible ones to save on your budget and fulfil your requirements for atleast 2-3 years. Smaller motherboards will also help in saving money on a smaller and cheaper cabinet.

Motherboard Ports
There are several ports available on the motherboard, such as all the USB types, HDMI, Audio, Display, PS/2 and Thunderbolt 3 ports. Usually, you will require USB 3 and USB 2 ports. Today, USB 3.1 Gen 2 and USB type C ports are also being adapted, so having those are also a good option. Make a list of the ports you desire and ask the store to help you find the right motherboard.
Motherboard Chipsets
Intel makes expensive as well as cheaper motherboards which do not have overclock and multiple slot options. The motherboards which can be overclocked have the letter Z in the front of their chipset names, such as Z370 or Z77. The motherboard which can be overclockeded will have names starting with B, H, and Q. Choose from the overclock range motherboards only if you really need overclocking. Otherwise, the non overclocking motherboards will work just fine.

Use these tips to find the right kind of motherboard for your gaming PC. You do not need the most expensive motherboard to build a good rig, so take you time to research what you need and what is your budget.
September 10, 2019/by Juan J. Miller

Top Gaming PC cabinets of 2019

Just like a car enthusiast dreams of getting a badass car, a gamer wants to have the best gaming gear in the world. If you are a true gamer and streamer, you know how important it is to have a beasty gaming rig. It should be able to support the high-end games as well as keep the hardware cool. Having the latest processor and graphics card will require a cabinet which can hold so much of power and looks cool at the same time. If you are planning on upgrading your CPU, then you might probably want to take a look at these PC cabinets to make your experience even more exciting with cool features and great looks. Here are our top picks for your next gaming PC cabinet to have mesmerizing gaming experience.

Thermaltake Core V21
The Core V21 is the latest gaming PC case which has countless features for building the best gaming PC in the world. It can stack all kinds motherboards with its customizable interiors, making it the most compatible for your advanced gaming rig. Core V21 has split design which stores the motherboard on one side, and the other is dedicated to liquid cooling. The fan rails and drive mounts allow multiple configurations with tool-less design so that you do not need a complicated screwdriver set. It also has a liquid cooling system with a magnetic dust filter in large vents, which helps in keeping the system cool even at extreme gaming.
Corsair Carbide 280X
After the famous Air 240, Corsair is back with the Carbide 280X which is a more upgraded version of the Air 240. It looks sleek with tempered glass on three sides and comes with RGB SE variant for that extra respect. It has two RGB 120mm fans, and customizable storage panels. It is capable of hiding your PSU entirely, which makes it look neat. The stock fans, however, are not efficient enough to cool down the system on long runs. But it provides the space for installing water-cooling radiators at the front and top of the cabinet. It is also better at keeping it down while cooling and makes less sound.

The H500 by NZXT is a new mid-tower case which is inspired by its predecessor S340. It can keep itself clean for a long time due to its minimal design. The airflow of the cabinet is not as good due to its solid front, but it is compatible with liquid cooling. It is customizable for many builds and the steel cable management inside the cabinet makes it look more advanced and less untidy. This cabinet is also an affordable option with all the features included. It has the RGB strips on both sides and on the cooling features. It can also mount your GPU vertically. The stock fans are a little loud after a few hours of heavy processing, but it is a compatible and sleek cabinet which can make your rig stand out under your budget.

September 10, 2019/by Juan J. Miller

The Best Graphics Cards For Gaming

If you are an individual who likes gaming on your PC, you have indeed come to the right place. In this guide, I will list out some of the best graphics cards which PC gamers can use in their set-up so that it will be a smooth experience. Your video card is the engine that powers everything that you can do and also how perfectly you can brag. Just until a couple of months ago these bragging right were really expensive indeed. Over the last couple of years, if you wanted to buy a video card, it felt like you had to shell out a lot of money, so much money that you could actually buy a decent laptop at that price. But, that has indeed changed; you can now buy a really good GPU at an affordable range. Prices have indeed started becoming modest, and since that is the case, people are now able to purchase really good cards and get their work done, no matter what. A good and modern graphics solution will be able to handle the display of good 2D and 3D content as well. Nvidia has been the leading force when it comes to fantastic graphics cards that will do the work perfectly. As promised, here is a list of some of the best graphics cards.

-    Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 has been known for its brilliant performance and also it’s amazing value, given its power. This particular one is actually a little expensive, but it will perform admirably indeed. This card tramples all the other ones in its way and will perform with the highest-end offerings.

-    AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 has some great competitiveness because it has the ability to process gaming at 1440p and it also has high power requirements. It does not have a DVI port. It is indeed a solid alternative to other ones like Nvidia, but you need to be aware of the power gulping properties of it.

-    The HTC Vive has been known to give a really great and immersive experience, and it also includes motion controllers with also some external sensors for the virtual reality experience (VR). Compared to the others, it is actually a little expensive, and it also has a tethered headset which makes the room VR tricky. That means you cannot actually walk around wherever you want.

-    Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 founders edition has been known to deliver spectacular graphics, especially when it comes to 1080p. It is also a power-hungry card when compared to others of this generation. It is all-powerful and will get the job done perfectly as required. It holds up the brand name properly.
September 10, 2019/by Juan J. Miller